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This lists Extender Boards, Extender Cables and Test Boards.
They are mostly for hire rather than for sale.
A £35 refundable deposit is required to ensure return so that others can benefit.
Hire charges are from 3 to 8 GBP per week or part week
  Postage on most is  4 to 6 GBP to UK,   8 GBP to Europe.  Elsewhere and large boards please ask.
Balance will be refunded when item is received back in good condition with deduction of postal and hire charges.
They are mostly for boards of 1.7mm thick maximum.
If your boards are thicker, please advise before ordering - too thick can damage the sockets.
Brand  Type NoBoard Width x Overall
0.1 inch   2.54mm pitch  boards
XB0450 0.1112xxx97237-1255632-01100 x 266Right-angle extender with two test points andcoax2
XB1207 0.1242177Micro Consultants MC2074C70 x 184 3
XB1213 0.1242285BC20568 x  290One contact removed for keyway4
XB1215 0.1242285BC20568 x  290 4
XB12190.12x242360HP 12011-60001172 x 380 Test Board; provision for test connections.
Some ways paralled for power circuits
XB1223 0.1252192Ampex Tape recorder 128 x 200With test points and board slides2
XB1225 0.1251217Ampex Tape recorder 101 x 225 With test points - Signal Electronics2
XB1237 0.1252192Ampex 1802616-01258 x 201Test points.  330mm  overall with board support1
XB1306 0.1302205CP1422A test board94 x 210 Position 7 polarised/removed1
XB1325 0.1322210SPE292152 x 216 1
XB1423 0.1432242 114 x 250Position 7 polarised/removed1
XB1643 0.1602306Micro Consultants MC5628B155 x 312Outer pairs paralleled position 5 omitted 4 links1
0.125 inch   3.18mm pitch  boards
XB2278 0.125 282172Mostek MD Series 450-00390-00115 x 180 Screened tracks1
0.15 inch   3.81mm pitch  boards
XB4184 0.15142330Record bias and voice58 x 338 3
XB4247 0.15 241122Strip Board92 x 1292 contacts removed to polarize1
XB4261 0.15311330D65050 Play127 x 338with card support rails and coax2
XB4265 0.15321264B99-0030163 x 270Centre pole polarised1
XB4355 0.15 351133 SE Labs  65053  150 x 140Servo4
0.156 inch   3.96mm pitch  boards
XB5104 0.156 101108EIA 658-1 835702R178 x 115 1
XB5221 0.156 152120HP 03582-6653396 x 1302
XB5232 0.156 15265HP 5060-603363 x 70 4
XB5342 0.156 18265HP 76  x 71 1
XB5444 0.156 182140HP 95 x 150 1
XB5447 0.1562x182142HP 03852-66531272 x 150Board with two connectors3
XB5452 0.156 222 153HP 037211-70027 A-934-14115 X 160 With 44 test points1
XB5454 0.156 222113YWJ5500ZR13110 x 120 1
XB5465 0.156 222108HP 5060-0630. Part 03490-8440296 x 115 2
XB5476 0.156 222142HP 155 x 150Width has been reduced on one side. 1/2 XB54881
XB5488 0.1562x222142HP 03582-66532272 x 150Board with two connectors
XB5659 0.156432285HP 02313-60027197 x 292With some test points1
Boards with various terminations and Test boards
XB9231 Blades101120Pemco 98-000203-0162 x 130 1
XB9249 Blades231178EIA 658-1 835322R2  126 x 190Playback2
XB9252 Blades2x231285854569172 x 294Board with two connectors1
XB9272 Blades411195460-0417-2C254 x 210With 41 test sockets1
XB9412  251297E62263  Bias Osc98 x 470With coax wiring and board support1
XB9414  251297E62261  Record98 x 470With coax wiring and board support1
XB9416  251297E62260  Voice98 x 470With coax wiring and board support1
XB9633 DIN 41612641270Brabury 700117114 x 2752 rows. With board support 430mm overall1
XB9646 DIN 41612642263Heritage AM1-HS-001100 x 2702 outer rows of 31
XB9648 DIN 41612642275Vero Eurocard 09-3865K100 x 2822 outer rows of 3 with test points1
XB9649 DIN 4161264Wire275 Wires2 rows1
XB9651 DIN 41612962275Vero Eurocard 09-2459K100 x 2823 row1
XB9914 0.156152xxxHP 5061-1351 5081-2302 63-2153115 x 126Test board1
XB9928 0.156431xxx02116-6110 A-632-22 63-2148196 x 215Test board1
Brand  Type NoBoard Width x Overall
Notes on definitions used in above table columns.
A    Our Reference
B    Pitch spacing or Connector type. 
C   Number of ways on connector. This can sometimes differ from number extended, for example if some are removed to polarise.
D   Single or Double-sided board.  On plated edge connectors the total number of connections is CxD.  On the DIN connectors, C is the total.
E   Extension provided by use of extender
F   Any markings on the board
G   Width of board x Overall length including connectors and supports
H   Further description
I     Quantity available.  Some maintenance requires more than one extender to be used
Last update:   February 12, 2017

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