FUNCTION BLOCKS and Small Power Supplies - Hybrid and Transistor.  

These are some of the Companies and Devices that were assembled before the advent of Integrated circuits.

They were developed in response to the need for greater complexity and smaller size in industrial and scientific equipment. They enabled users to rapidly assemble and test units without the need to work entirely at component levels.  This was the start of moving the detailed design away from the user and into the device manufacturer.

This was an important phase in electronic development: some companies such as Analog Devices, Burr-Brown, Mullard/Philips  moved into integrated circuit design, fabrication and marketing.  Others used the components in their own products which enabled growth in performance and markets - for example Micro Consultants with the novel A/D converters migrating into Quantel and the television signal processing areas. 

Typically operating from +15 volt supplies they were effective constructional blocks for signal processing and analogue computing. The modules listed below are those in my collection and are not intended to be a catalogue of all devices.

Many of them still function.  Others show signs of degradation of the encapsulating resin.

In the table below "P" indicates a link to a picture,  "D" a link to data.

MAKE APPLICATION TYPE P D Description - Further Data or Pictures
Analog Devices Op Amp 40K    
Analog Devices Op Amp 40J    
Analog Devices Op Amp 43J    
Analog Devices Op Amp 44K    
Analog Devices Op Amp 110A    
Analog Devices Op Amp 110C    
Analog Devices Op Amp 118K    
Analog Devices Op Amp 148C    
Analog Devices Op Amp 203    
Analog Devices Op Amp 210    
Analog Devices Op Amp 606M    
Analog Devices Op Amp 3670J    
Analog Devices   B100    
Analog Devices DAC DAC10H    
Analog Devices DAC DAS1128    
Analog Devices ADC Resolver IRDC1730   Sin/Cos input
Analog Devices   OSC1754    
Ancom Log Amp 15LP1    
Ancom V to F 15VF-1    
Burr-Brown   1555/25    
Burr-Brown Instrument'n Amp 3061/25    
Burr-Brown Instrument'n Amp 3154/25    
Burr-Brown Instrument'n Amp 3161/25    
Burr-Brown Op Amp 3266/12C    
Burr-Brown Instrument'n Amp 3601K   Programmable Gain
Burr-Brown  Multiplier/Divider 4012/25    
Burr-Brown Multiplier/Divider 4030/25    
Burr-Brown Divider 4290    
Burr-Brown A to D ADC85C-12    
Burr-Brown Sample and Hold SHC85    
Computing Techniques Op Amp E70    
Computing Techniques Op Amp E72    
Computing Techniques Op Amp E78    
Computing Techniques   F1-8    
Computing Techniques   MF1-2    
Computing Techniques Sample and Hold SA7    
Coutant Power Supply CPR100L    
Cycon Instrument'n Amp CY1011    
Cycon Instrument'n Amp CY1011A    
Cycon D to A CY2035   8 bit.
Cycon D to A CY2235   12 bit
Data Measuremrnts Voltage to Freq'y 851    
Datel Systems Programmer SCL-1    
DI-AN Digital Input DMS212   16 bit filtered
DI-AN Digital Input DMS224   8 bit Opto-isolated
DI-AN ADC DMS230   Programmable Gain 12 bit
DI-AN MUX DMS233    
DI-AN MUX DMS234   Programmable Gain
DI-AN DAC DMS240   4 channel
E G & G   MH183   Guillemin Minactor
Electroplan Power Converter 14-12   5V to +15
Fairchild Amp ADO-65/14   H5000G
Memory Devices Synchro Digital SDM14    
Memory Devices Binary to BCD BDM14/5    
Micro Consultants D to A MC2208/8    
Mullard Combi Logic B8 920.00    
Mullard Combi Logic B8 920.03    
Mullard Combi Logic B8 930 00  2.3.N1 P  
Mullard Combi Logic B8 930 01  FF2    
Mullard Combi Logic B8 940.00 EF1/IA.1
Mullard Combi Logic B8 940.01  2EF1    
Mullard Combi Logic B8 940.02 2IA.1    
Mullard Combi Logic B8 940.05    
Mullard Combi Logic B8 950.00    
Mullard Combi Logic B8 950.01 OS1    
Mullard Norbit 2 2 IA60    
Mullard Norbit 2 4 NOR60    
Mullard Norbit 2 TU60    
Mullard Control Module MY5001 P Thyristor Trigger Module
Mullard Control Module MY5051   Current Overload Protection Module
Nexus Op Amp FLA-1    
Nexus Op Amp SA-1    
Nexus Op Amp SQ-10a    
Non-Linear Filters Filter IPVC-1   Low Pass
Philbrick Reseach Op Amp P45A    
Philbrick Reseach Op Amp P55A    
Philbrick-Nexus Op Amp 101101    
Philbrick-Nexus Op Amp 1017    
Power Products Power Converter PM923   24V to 12V 470mA
Rigel Research Filter XF4    
Teledyne-Philbrick Voltage to Freq'y 4701    
Teledyne-Philbrick Nexus   4252    
Tranchant Op Amp TA41    
Varadyne Power Supply 15/150-D28    
Venner       Modules for Counters and Timers.
Zeltex   145